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Storm Damage Cleanup And Repair Services

Fast and Fair Water Damage Restoration offers a wide array of storm damage cleanup and repair services like water extraction, drying and dehumidification, cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces, reconstruction and repairs, as well as the secure storage of your own rescued belongings until your home is back to new.

We have the professional equipment and the experience to handle each and every aspect of storm damage cleanup and restoration. We remove trees, debris, and dirt in order to return your home to its pre-storm condition as soon as possible. We start with performing a thorough inspection to remove all threats and to find out which areas require repairs. We inspect the basement of your home as well to make certain that it hasn’t been affected by the natural disaster. We thoroughly disinfect your house, to take out all heath hazards as quickly as possible.

Our decades of expertise in this particular industry have taught us the value of taking fast action. This is why we provide you with our  24/7 emergency response. In relation to water damage and mold restoration, for instance, a few hours can make a significant difference. The earlier we are able to extract water and dry your house, the less chances for mold and mildew to produce. This really is something to be extremely careful about, as mold is very difficult to get rid of. Additionally, it is one of the primary side effects, as the insidious nature helps it require a heavy toll on your own lungs even before you notice that something is wrong.

For optimum results, we urge you to give us a call just after the storm. The earlier we can act, the higher chance you have of restoring your home to pre-storm condition. We will send a team out to your home right away.